5 unconventional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you thought Valentine’s Day was all about buying your other half a box of chocolates and sitting down to a candlelit dinner, think again. This year, give petrol garage flowers and three-course meal deals the elbow and surprise them with something a little less predictable and a little more from the heart.

What to do on Valentine’s Day: Send them on a quest

If your partner thinks they know you better than anyone else, put them to the test with a fun Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. Scatter clues relating to your relationship around the house (or even town) for your better half to find.

Treasure hunts are an entertaining and personal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. And, if you want to track their progress, send them off with a V-Multi Tracker and follow their quest from your smartphone.

Valentine’s Day Gifts that keep on giving

February 14th is all about spreading the love – so why not team up with your spouse and extend your kindness to those in need.

There will be loads of volunteering opportunities available in your local community. Spend the day helping the homeless, loving animals or donating time to a charity close to your hearts. Not only will you save money but it could even bring the two of you closer together.

Set off on a romantic adventure

Planning a romantic itinerary is useful but nothing says romance like a spontaneous ramble in the countryside. Pack a picnic or go off the beaten track and discover a new place to grab a bite.

Would you love your dog to come along for the adventure? Attach a V-Pet Tracker to their collar and you’ll know where they are, even if they wander further afield.

Get scrapbooking

Do you have a shoebox full of memories of years gone by? Pull out old cinema date tickets, holiday photos and any other mementoes you’ve saved and create the ultimate keepsake – a scrapbook of your relationship. Your other half will love looking back at a visual timeline of your relationship.

Spend 24 hours in a new city

Exploring the wonders of a new city can be magical, not to mention romantic. This Valentine’s Day, take a road trip to an unexplored town or city together and try to do and see as many parts of it as you can. Visit landmarks, sample popular restaurants and create new memories as a couple. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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