We know pets are part of the family. Here's how V by Vodafone can help keep your pets safe and ensure they lead a healthy, happy life.

As essential as my morning coffee!

*Ad. This post was written in collaboration with Vodafone to promote the launch of ‘V-Pet’, however all views and opinions shared are my own.

Kippy Vita in partnership with V by Vodafone has brought something extraordinary to the market. V-Pet by Vodafone is not only an excellent activity tracker for your dog – it also has GPS tracking meaning you can always find your pet even when they aren’t nearby*.

Having had this device for about a month now, I can’t imagine not having it. I can check up on Amelia with the same ease as ordering an Uber!   

This kind of technology is something I’ve only ever dreamt of, I never thought it would become an affordable reality. The device itself is around the same price as other activity monitors on the market £55 & you pay a mere £4 a month for your V-Sim subscription!

For such a small investment I can finally have total peace of mind when I’m outside with Amelia. Much like the peace of mind I feel when I’m able to see what she gets up to when I’m not at home via a camera in my apartment.

I’ve never felt so anxiety free before – and I am sure it’s making Amelia a lot more relaxed too! She can enjoy our walks that much more without me being overbearing!

I wholeheartedly cannot recommend this enough to every pet owner out there. We no longer have to imagine never losing our pet when out for a walk.

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