Bags, pets and forgetfulness…at last there’s help at hand!


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I don’t know about you but since I had kids I have become SO forgetful; like really REALLY forgetful. I have to have alarms, reminders, written notes and then the chances are I might still forget stuff… forever winging it and hoping that no one notices (spoiler: they do).

I’m ALWAYS running late because I’m careless and put my car keys down somewhere (fave places: coat pockets, the mantelpiece, the side table and then Edith steals them and thinks it’s hilarious to hide them in a toy box…) It’s just a part of me now, but with that forgetfulness comes risk sometimes.

Whenever I head to London I will invariably have over £1,000 worth of things in my handbag and the desire to protect those things from my oh-so-forgetful self is overwhelming. Fortunately for me, Vodafone feel my pain because they have designed a GPS tracker that connects straight to their network via a V-Sim enabling you access to the tracker via your smartphone, called the V-Bag by Vodafone. I place this device with my handbag and when I’m in that location I can even create a “safe zone” so that I will know the moment that my handbag moves which is really reassuring as it ends up in cloakrooms whilst I’m at events 9 times out of 10.

Now I know what you’re thinking and I’m going to level with you: You can’t attach it to your kids and head to the bar for cocktail hour, HOWEVER, you can attach it to their most prized possessions so they don’t end up like Edith and lose their beloved teddy.

So, you might not be able to connect it to your kids BUT you can connect another device straight to your pet’s collar. This one is called V-Pet by Vodafone and again connects your smartphone straight to the network via a V-Sim by Vodafone, allowing you to monitor where your pet is and create a “safe zone” for them like your back/front garden. It also allows you to check how much exercise they are getting – a feature that Yoda, aka the world’s laziest dog, is absolutely not a fan of as he is now having to go for an additional walk each day after discovering he is the biggest slob EVER. Again, it’s probably not advisable to attach these to the kids either, though it would be interesting to see who is lazier, Reuben or Yoda?

For more information on either of these devices or any of the other connectable devices that Vodafone offer, visit the V by Vodafone website.

V-Bag and V-Pet require GPS and Vodafone network coverage.

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Harriet is the driving force behind Toby & Roo, a blog that shares the wins and woes of parenting. She’s a mum of three, with two lovely little boys called Reuben and Tobias and a gorgeous daughter called Edith.

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