Bike to School Week: Tips for Cycling as a Family

It’s Bike to School Week. So you know what that means? It’s time to oil your bike chain and dust off your helmets for Bike to School Week which runs (or cycles) from 27th September to 1st October. 

Bike to School Week: Tips for Cycling as a Family

What is Bike to School Week?

Bike to school week is organised by Sustrans and supported by Bikeability. It aims to encourage families to travel actively, learn about bike safety, and celebrates the benefits of cycling to school including:

  •       Being more active
  •       Less air pollution 
  •       Reducing traffic around school gates

Bike to School week is the perfect time to inspire a love for cycling in your children and show the importance of staying active. We’ve put together some helpful tips for cycling as a family. 

Bike to School Week: Tips for Cycling as a Family

Learning to ride a bike 

Learning to ride a bike is a special moment. It’s a step towards independence and adventure. But if your child isn’t quite ready for the Tour De France just yet, there are lots of accessories available to help them get started and build their confidence. 

  • Training wheels and stabilisers 
  • Helmets
  • Lights and reflectors 
  • Bells
  • Gloves and pads
  • Cool styling accessories 

After some practice and encouragement, they’ll be zooming along on two wheels before you know it. Get your camera ready. 

Bike to School Week: Tips for Cycling as a Family

Tips for Bike Safety  

When cycling with kids, safety is the number one priority. Luckily, as cycling has increased in popularity, so have the resources. Helmets and visibility gear is essential for when you’re cycling with kids, but you should also think about:

Choosing the best route and having a practice run. Chat to other parents about family-friendly cycle routes or use Google Maps to plan out a cycle route for you. If you want to take the family further afield, we’ve put together a list of some of the best cycling routes in the UK.

Get peace of mind with our Curve bike light & GPS tracker for bike safety. You’re used to watching out for your little ones, but help yourself and your partner feel safer on the roads with Curve. It has a braking light and if you have a fall, it can notify a loved one or emergency contact. This bicycle GPS tracker device will increase bike safety, increase visibility and our Smart SIM makes sure you are always connected.

Stay alert at all times, especially when sharing the road with cars. Go with the flow of traffic, not against it. Watch out for parked cars, they may pull out or a passenger door may open, so give yourself space between parked cars. Also, when you want to turn, look ahead for a break in traffic, then signal your turn.   

Keep an eye on your bike, using the Vodafone Smart App to set up Zones. Curve bike tracker’s GPS feature lets you know when it enters or leaves those Zones. That way you can relax knowing that you can check in on whether your bike is where you last left it. 

Bike to School Week: Tips for Cycling as a Family

Get everyone involved when biking to school

Kids love to get involved. If your children see their classmates getting to school on their bikes during Bike to School week, it will inspire them to make cycling a part of their daily commute to class. You can use Neo Kids Smart Watch to help them plan their bike rides to school with the calendar feature. Plus they’ll be able to check the weather to dress well for the ride and take a picture of their bike to share with family.

If you have younger children who aren’t ready for their own bike just yet, you can still bring them along for the ride. Attach a child-safe bike seat to your bike so you can get outdoors and enjoy nature as a family. There are a variety of designs and styles available for different ages, like this one from Halfords.

Bike to School Week: Tips for Cycling as a Family

There’s no time like the present

Bike to school week is a chance for families to get active and stay active together. As well as the physical health benefits, getting active has been proven to positively impact mental health too. So get on your bike and take that first pedal to get started and the whole family will have a wheelie good time. 

Sorry about that last pun – we couldn’t resist. Happy biking! 

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