CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

The highly anticipated annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) always promises a tantalising look at the latest gadgets, smart tech, and inventions that improve and enrich our daily lives – and CES 2021 was no exception. 

The all-digital event also offered a range of products to keep us safer in the time of COVID-19, and upgrade our lives while working and living at home. We also discovered the latest gadgets and inventions to keep us entertained, connected, and generally make our lives just a little bit easier. 

From the practical to the quirky, CES 2021 included pandemic-era solutions, robot butlers, digitised doggie doors, smarter and more fashionable wearables, and more.

Here’s our list of some of the most eye-catching smart tech gadgets from this year’s event.

Smart Tech for Pandemic Living 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Razer’s Project Hazel High-Tech N95 Face Mask 

Gaming lifestyle brand Razer introduces the concept design for an intelligent and transparent face mask with voice projection. Available in various sizes, active ventilation allows you to control air flow, autosterilization means you never have to worry about manually cleaning the device, and LED lighting allows your mouth to be visible and lets you know when it’s time to charge. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Hands Free Doorbell from Alarm.com 

Alarm.com’s smart doorbell uses video analytics to ring itself when a visitor is standing at the front door with no need for anyone to physically press a button. 

The smart doorbell is able to distinguish between people, pets, or packages so you needn’t worry about false alarms. It also features a built-in camera and microphone so you can talk with your visitor without ever opening the door –  allowing you to keep your hands (and germs) to yourselves. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

 Smaller, Smarter and Innovative Air Purifiers 

From travel mug-sized cleaners to plasma purifiers, CES 2021 showcased: FrescheAir Portable HEPA Air Purifier, OneLife X and Luftqi Luft Duo. With all these options, there’s no shortage of ways we can breathe cleaner air with innovative, more sustainable, and convenient air purifying inventions. 

The Future of Gadgets for Your Home 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Samsung’s CES 2021 Robots 

Can’t wait to kick back while your robot butler and waiter serves you a glass of wine and does the washing up? CES 2021 saw the unveiling of dozens of Samsung’s new products including the JetBot 90 AI, Bot Care, and Bot Handy robots of the future.

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Kohler’s Touchless Tub 

Kohler unveiled a new smart bath you can command through an app using your voice to fill up the tub with water, set the mood with various light colours, and even some atmospheric fog. Tub time has never been smarter or more fun (rubber duckie not included). 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Moflin AI Pet Robot 

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Vanguard Industries showcased Molfin, the new fuzzy AI pet robot who will “learn” how to love you. This pet robot comes with “emotional capabilities” learning and growing using built-in sensors to react to its surroundings. The grey, fuzzy, guinea pig sized creature expresses itself through movements and adorable noises inspired by real animals.

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Keurig’s ColdSnap

You can bring the ice cream parlour straight into your own kitchen with Keurig’s ColdSnap appliance. Single serving frozen margaritas, mango passion fruit smoothies and chocolate ice cream are some of the tasty frozen treats you can make from the comfort of your home. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Ampere’s ShowerPower

Singing in the shower’s a whole lot easier and sustainable with Ampere’s ShowerPower Bluetooth speaker. With an easy instalment, it fits over the top of any fixed or detachable showerhead with the flow of water spinning the internal impeller connected to a mini-generator keeping it charged.

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Gardyn’s AI Driven Indoor Smart Garden

Got a green thumb? Gardyn’s AI-driven indoor leafy green growing machine pairs with an app you can use to monitor your plant’s growth, change and manage temperature, and control light so you can enjoy tasty and fresh grown food all year long. 

What’s Next for Wearables 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Vuzix MicoLED Smartglasses 

Smart glasses aren’t a new fixture at CES, but the latest smart glasses from Vuvix powered by microLED technology with ultra small display projectors are turning heads because of its discreet and stylish design. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Fossil Gen5 LTE Smartwatch 

CES 2021 saw Fossil launching its first LTE-enabled smartwatch, specifically designed for Android phone users on the Verizon network using the carrier’s Number Share Option. Users can enjoy making and receiving phone calls and SMS messages without having their phone or being connected to Wi-Fi. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e

Amazfit unveiled it’s GTS 2e and GTR 2e wearables lines, offering a less expensive option from the main lineup. You can’t take calls or store music on it either, but unlike the GTS 2 which has 7 days typical use, you can enjoy 14 days for the GTS 2e and 24 days for the GTR 2e.

The Latest Tech for Your Pet

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

PetPlus AI-Powered Dog Collar 

Ever wonder what your doggo is thinking? The PetPlus smart collar uses AI and built-in microphones to tell what your dog’s barks might mean, sent directly to an app on your phone. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

MyQ Pet Portal 

Doggie doors go digital with the door and pet flap myQ Pet Portal. The fully automated responsive pet entry system replaces your boring analogue door. Your pet of choice can enter and exit through a pet door while keeping undesirable critters outside. 

The Televisions and Smartphones of 2021 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

Samsung MicroLED TVs 

Available in 110, 99, and 88 inches, the MicroLED TV delivers perfect black level and brightness with millions of LEDs creating an image directly for better picture quality than OLED. 

CES 2021 | The Latest Smart Tech Gadgets

LG Rollable Phone

LG rolled out (quite literally) the LG Rollable. The device includes an extendable screen rolling out from the inside of the main body to create a larger screen perfect for watching videos from your device. 

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