Christmas gifts for smart tech lovers

‘Tis the season for mince pies, wondering whether it’s too early to put the tree up and what Christmas gifts you should buy for your nearest and dearest. If you could use a sprinkle of inspiration, here are five dazzling ideas for Christmas gifts for the smart tech lover in your life.

1. V-Multi Tracker for a fan of cool gadgets

Stocking fillers don’t get much cooler than this small and smart GPS tracker. Whether they’re forever losing their keys or need a device to keep tabs on their pricey new Christmas present, this tracker lets them pinpoint their valuables on their smartphone.

Christmas gifts for smart tech lovers
V-Multi Tracker by Vodafone

V-Multi Tracker by Vodafone sends alerts if you leave something behind and lets you know if your things are on the move when they shouldn’t be. Buy now.

2. Digital Dudz Novelty Ugly Christmas Jumper

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without an ugly Christmas jumper and now this festive staple has been given a smart makeover. With a Digital Dudz Christmas jumper, you can download the free animated app and insert your smartphone into a pocket on the front, which is surrounded by a festive background.

You’ll then display a moving animation of a cracking fireplace or Rudolph through the hole in your jumper. Quite possibly the most Christmassy of all Christmas gifts.

3. V-Kids Watch: a fun kids Christmas present

If the kids are asking for a smartphone but you still think they’re a little too young, why not keep everyone happy with a V-Kids Watch this Christmas. This smartwatch allows kids to explore while giving parents peace of mind that they’re safe, even when they’re not nearby.

Christmas gifts for smart tech lovers
V-Kids Watch by Vodafone

What’s more, it’s designed for kids so they won’t be disappointed once they’ve unwrapped it on Christmas morning. There are three games including a voice changer, as well as a voice-messaging feature, which you can use to stay connected.

Put a smile on your child’s face this year with a V-Kids Watch.

4. Make his Christmas with a V-Camera

Christmas presents for men in the family can be especially tricky, which is why the V-Camera could be just the ticket. V-Camera by Vodafone is a 4G wire-free camera with night vision, so you can keep an eye on what’s going on indoors or out, whatever the time of day. It also has two-way audio so you can listen in and respond through the built-in speaker and mic, directly from your smartphone.

Christmas gifts for smart tech lovers
V-Camera by Vodafone

This impressive piece of smart tech isn’t just for him though, anyone in the family can get reassurance with motion and sound detection alerts. Whether you want to connect someone special to what matters most, or are on the lookout for cool things to buy yourself this Christmas, V-Camera is the little helper you need.

Treat yourself or someone special to a V-Camera this Christmas.

5. Quirky Christmas gifts for good eggs

There’s no shortage of unusual gifts out there, and we couldn’t let you go without telling you about the Quirky Egg Minder. This smart egg tray syncs with your smartphone and alerts you when you’re on the verge of being eggless.

LED lights on the tray also tell you which of its 14 eggs are nearing their expiry date. This hilarious device might not be 100% necessary but it is sure to give whoever opens it a chuckle.



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