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Festival Checklist: 5 Must-Have Items to Pack

The summer countdown has begun and that can only mean one thing: festivals! With Glastonbury taking a year off, we’re all looking for alternatives, and one of the biggest this year has to be the Isle of Wight Festival (21-24 July) with a capacity of around 60,000 attendees. We all know when there’s that many people crammed into one place, there’s the potential to lose more than just your personal space…

Every year, some 30 million* music lovers trek to our nation’s greatest music festivals and when you’re only allowed an A4 sized bag, your essentials are your lifeline and you cannot afford to lose them. Thousands of personal items are lost at festivals each year – so it’s sensible to attach a small GPS tracking device to your bag as a precaution. With the GPS tracking device MOVETRACK from V by Vodafone**, you can now focus on having a good time, while always knowing where your stuff is.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 items you need to have with you:

  1. Water. We cannot emphasise this enough! You’ll be dancing. You’ll be singing. And yes, you’ll be drinking other liquids too. Just remember your H2O and stay hydrated.
  2. Smartphone. You know you should probably take an old flip phone with you to these things but…your Instagram feed isn’t going to update itself, right? Plus, you can’t track anything on a flip phone.
  3. Bin Bag. Sounds crazy but when you need to sit and there’s mud everywhere or you want to keep yesterday’s wet clothes somewhere… you’ll thank us.
  4. Wellies. What’s a festival without them? You know there’s always a strong chance of rain and muddy grass or someone stepping on your feet.
  5. GPS Tracking device. We mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again because the list of things people lose at festivals is endless! MOVETRACK from V by Vodafone provides an extra layer of security when you’re out and about at a busy event, giving you some peace of mind that you will be able to track where your bag and valuables are. That said, we still recommend being extra careful at a festival, from keeping your money in a zipped, inside pocket, to holding onto your phone rather than leaving it in your tent.

Summer festivals are all about the fun and the memories. Make sure yours is one to remember for the right reasons!

*, ‘Top 10 largest music festivals in the UK’,

**MOVETRACK from V by Vodafone is a small GPS tracking device that connects straight to the Vodafone network via a V-Sim by Vodafone and is accessible via a smartphone app (both iOS and Android versions are available to Vodafone and non-Vodafone customers). A one-time purchase fee of £59 applies and subscription is just £3/month.

Terms apply. For full functionality: a 30-day V-SIM plan, Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal are required. V by Vodafone products (except V-Auto) must be activated via the V by Vodafone app (available on Android and iOS devices only). Please note this product is designed for land-based location tracking and must not be connected or used on an aircraft. Full terms and details at

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Connect with the people and things you care about most with V by Vodafone.


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