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Here you’ll find tips and more ways to use Curve, the smart GPS tracker that attaches to almost anything and lives life with you. 

Curve is versatile with multi-purpose use, so you’ll never run out of ways to use it. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers which have limited range, it’s connected by the Vodafone Smart SIM so it can send updates to smartphones from a longer distance. There are also four different tracking modes to choose from, to match what you track and help save battery life. Here are just a few of the ways it can help you stay close to what matters most.  

Keys – Did you leave your keys behind again? Just attach Curve to them with the keyring accessory for an easy way to keep track. The Curve keyring accessory attaches to almost anything – here’s a handy little guide to setting it up

Bags – Stay connected to your bag when you’re on the move. With Curve, bags left on trains, taxis or cafes can be easily located. Realtime tracking lets you see Curve move on a map, or you can check the places it’s been in Location History, all in the Vodafone Smart App. 

Cars – Leave Curve in your car to track where it goes or avoid wandering around supermarket car parks trying to remember your space. 

Furry friends – Attach Curve to your dog’s collar to follow their tracks when they’re off the lead. You can even add a photo of your furry friend in the Vodafone Smart App. 

Kid’s backpacks – Clip Curve to your child’s backpack and avoid losing homework and PE kits. You can set up a Zone in the Vodafone Smart App around a chosen location and Curve will send you Zone alerts (when your chosen tracking mode updates its location) to let you know when it enters or leaves it. You can choose how frequently you’re notified, and friends and family can also press the Quick Alert button on Curve which sends a location update straight to your phone.

There are many more ways you can use Curve, for a little more inspiration see our short video here. We’d love to know how you’re using it too, share with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

Battery life and features dependent on tracking mode. For land based tracking only. Zone notification frequency dependant on tracking mode. Not to be used to track people. Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply. Subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal. See FAQs for more info.

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Curated by the in-house team.

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