Halloween Top 5 Safety Tips


Halloween Top 5 Safety Tips

Once a year on 31 October kids and grown-ups celebrate the night of magical mischief known as Halloween; a time of year to bring imagination to life, dress up as creepy characters and venture into the night to play Trick or Treat with family and friends.

For one night only, you’ll see smiling pumpkins on window sills, bowls of sweets on the porch and tiny zombies holding hands. It’s a busy and exciting time for every neighbourhood, so we’ve put together our top five tips for a smarter, safer and happier Halloween.

1. Creepy and comfortable Halloween costumes

Choose your kid’s outfit wisely. It may be tempting to give you and your family the most extravagant designs on the street, but children need to stay comfortable and able to walk freely. Stick to simple Halloween costume ideas, with face paint instead of large masks as these can affect hearing and vision, and the ability to eat sweets on the go.

2. Find the best treat streets

Not everyone celebrates Halloween, plan your route in advance so you find the most exciting and secure streets for your children to play. Don’t cramp their style as they go door-to-door, keep an eye on your little monsters with a kids smart watch.

Our V-Kids Watch is a kids tracker that connects to your smartphone with GPS tracking and voice messaging, so they can burn off their sugar rush and be sent a message when it’s time to go home.

V-Kids Watch by Vodafone

3. Don’t be afraid of the dark

Evenings are dark in October which adds to the spooky atmosphere, so if you’re heading out be sure to take a torch and stay visible to passing traffic. If you’d prefer to stay in and watch a scary film, place a V-Camera or Reolink Go 4G Camera in your front porch. These wireless security cameras are weatherproof with night vision that connect to your smartphone, so you can see visitors before opening the door.

Outdoor camera
V-Camera by Vodafone

4. Beware of the pumpkins

Carving faces in pumpkins is an enjoyable, messy activity that will keep kids and parents entertained for hours, but what could you use to light up that smile? Open flames are hazardous, especially around young children, so stick pumpkins with candles out of reach and in sight or try using battery powered LED lights, which can be just as bright and scary as the real thing.

5. Look after scaredy-cats

The commotion of Halloween can be unnerving for pets, with extra treats and frequent visitors. Scary faces and happy screams aren’t part of their routine, so watch their mood throughout the evening.

If they still need their walk or want to join you on a candy-crawl, a mini GPS tracker is a great way to keep track of pets and kids amidst the excitement. V-Multi Tracker is built with GPS tracking and an SOS button to stay connected to what you love through your smartphone, even if you’re not nearby.

V-Multi Tracker
V-Multi Tracker by Vodafone
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