How a Kids Smart Watch Can Help Your Child Learn and Build Positive Habits

If you’re a parent today with kids starting to explore the world of smart tech, you’ll be familiar with the technology tug-of-war. In today’s post, we share some cool technology that could help build healthy habits, like Neo, the smart kids watch and other gadgets that empower our kids as they learn about life and responsibility.

Technology to Help Your Kids To Build Healthy Habits

How a Kids Smart Watch Can Help Your Child Learn and Build Positive Habits

Aquafresh Tooth Brushing App

Getting your kids to brush consistently and for the recommended 2 minutes is tough. Cue the free Brush Time app, featuring Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles who sing and dance along with your little one to make teeth-brushing a fun activity.

How a Kids Smart Watch Can Help Your Child Learn and Build Positive Habits

Wonderscope Augmented Reality Reading App 

Kids are naturally curious and love exploring new things. The Wonderscope App encourages children to read, interact, and move around the house without any complicated gear or large open spaces.

How a Kids Smart Watch Can Help Your Child Learn and Build Positive Habits

Khan Academy App 

For students of all ages, the free Khan Academy App offers educational videos and articles on a whole range of subjects to help your child feel empowered and stay on top of homework.

How a Kids Smart Watch Can Help Your Child Learn and Build Positive Habits

A Kids Smart Watch for Independence and Confidence 

Neo, the smart watch for kids is a great first step into the digital world. It features some of their favourite characters across the Disney universe, as they pop up as a sidekick to make daily activities fun. With its GPS that you can view from a map on your phone, Neo can give your kids a sense of independence and empowerment while letting you stay in touch.  Plus, even though it’s a connected device, it can’t be used to browse the internet (parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief).

With what we like to call ‘connected independence’ Neo lets you keep in touch with calls and chat as you give your kids freedom to explore and accomplish their own goals. Your kid can develop better confidence with an activity monitor and calendar in the watch, plus their very own weather report.

Whether it’s Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, Grogu™ or the Armoured Avenger, your child can customise their experience themselves.  Recommended for ages 6-9 years old, Neo can give your kids a fun, safer, and interactive opportunity to use tech to be independent and stay connected.

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