How can I check my dog is healthy and save on vet costs?

How can I check my dog is healthy and save on vet costs?

In the UK the average vet bill is now £300 (last year pet insurers paid out £452 million in vet’s bills for sick or injured pets)*. So, what can you do to ensure your dog is safe and in tip-top condition and keep your vet costs down?

Learn to do some basic ‘health checks’ at home in between visits. This minimises the stress on your pet and helps you spot things early on and being at home means your dog will be more relaxed. Some checks can be part of their daily routine – like giving them a bath after a muddy walk.

Get them as much exercise as possible to keep their health and fitness up. Keep an eye on your dog with Curve, the smart GPS tracker. These small yet smart tracker can tell you where your pet like’s to run off to.

Here are some things to check:

  • Teeth – Check your dog’s teeth are in good condition. Often when animals go off their food it’s down to pain in their teeth.
  • Ears – Ear related problems are a very common reason for vet visits. Check them for infections.
  • Eyes – Dog’s eyes can tell you a lot about their overall health, do they look red or glazed
  • Feet and claws – These take brunt of the wear and tear during exercise and everyday life and need some love and care.
  • Weight – Weigh them at home on your scales, are they a healthy weight?




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