How to walk my dog: Top 5 Tips

Dog walks are simple. Just you, your furry friend and the open road. But are you both getting the most out of each adventure? If you’ve ever wondered When should I walk my dog or When should I reward my dog, read on.

1. When should I walk my dog?

The changing seasons will affect the quality of your walk for you and your pooch. Remember, during summer the pavements could be too hot for their paws and cold, wet days may not be as comfortable. Keep walks short and if it’s raining pop on their doggy coat for extra protection.

2. How to leash train a puppy

Introduce your puppy to the leash slowly. Each time you clip it on their collar, try to use a familiar and enthusiastic phrase, like “time for walkies!” They will soon start to associate wearing the leash with an exciting outing.

3. When should I reward my dog?

Sitting on command, returning a toy or coming back to the sound of their name are all behaviours you want to reward your dog for. They are pack animals by nature and will respond to commands from their leader – so for successful obedience, congratulate them with a high pitch tone and use a low bellow when they’re naughty.

4. How to stop a dog from pulling

Your dog should always know who’s in charge. When you can, try to walk in front or to the side of your dog, at a nice pace with the leash at a shorter length so they’re comfortable walking next to you. Letting them pull in every direction will give them a false sense of who’s boss, so give a small tug when they start to wander off.

5. How do I keep track of my dog on long walks?

Dogs love to roam free and will run off excitedly as soon as they’re let off the leash. If you ever worry about losing sight of them, Curve could give you the reassurance you need. You can track their location on your smartphone and get alerts if they leave defined safe zones.

Try adding your dog’s breed and age into our dog exercise calculator and find out how much activity they need.

Happy walking!

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