How Vodafone Built Award-Winning Teams and Smart Tech Products During a Pandemic

Hi! My name is Luftu and I lead the whole team here at Vodafone. In the years Vodafone has existed, we’ve always been driven to connect customers and stay relevant in a changing world. This past year of remote working has given a whole new meaning to the idea of change, challenging us to not just stay relevant, but to provide value to our community at a time when connecting people is more important than ever.  

Before we had ever heard the word Covid, we decided to take a bold step that focused on product design and your customer experience. We want to effortlessly help people connect with the people and things they love. At the time, we didn’t realise just how important our ambition would be in the coming months.

How Vodafone Built Award-Winning Teams and Smart Tech Products During a Pandemic

Despite the pace of change, our purpose to connect people combined with our community focus enabled us to stay committed to our ambition. Against all odds, we created and launched 2 new and exciting Smart Tech products and launched Designed & Connected by Vodafone in the middle of a global crisis. 

As we left behind 2020 and entered a new year, we were delighted to see our team’s hard work recognised by not one, but three award wins. Recognition by both the globally celebrated IoT Breakthrough Awards for Consumer IoT Platform of the Year, as well as the prestigious Good Design Awards and renowned Red Dot Design Award for our smart GPS tracker, Curve, has meant a moment of celebration as well as reflection on the main reasons behind that success. 

How Vodafone Built Award-Winning Teams and Smart Tech Products During a Pandemic

Without question, the team mentality has played the biggest role this past year. We’re strong believers that business leaders should view themselves as chief culture officers, and in a year like 2020, maintaining a positive and engaging work culture was essential. In an established business, encouraging a start-up mentality is a careful balance between celebrating existing talent and bringing in new people with different skills and perspectives. As it’s grown, our Smart Tech team has continued to stay true to its goals and culture while adapting to the changing times. To achieve this globally, we needed a full commitment to our mission and a complete alignment of our business structure across all markets. 

Whether you’re in the technology sector or not, this past year has shown companies just how important company culture truly is, and most importantly, it has shown us as people, how important it is for all of us to keep our loved ones safe and to stay connected.

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