Improve your driving experience with V- Auto by Vodafone

Improve your driving experience with V- Auto by Vodafone

Ad. This post was written in collaboration with Vodafone to promote the launch of ‘V-Auto by Vodafone.’ however all views and opinions shared are my own.

Vodafone has added a fantastic little gadget to its V by Vodafone services: V-Auto. The smart device can tell you exactly how well you’re driving, plus it has tons of other great features – all available when you plug the device into your car and sync it up to your smartphone.

Setting it up is really simple – simply download the free V-Auto by Vodafone app and follow the instructions on the screen. The app even uses your vehicle information to tell you exactly where to plug the V-Auto device – very clever!

As soon as you’re connected, your car transforms into a smart car and you’re ready to go! The device activates as soon as the engine is turned on and stops sending information to the app as soon as your journey ends.

During each journey, the device will use various measurements to calculate your Driver Safety Score. It was so interesting to have my driving rated – it certainly made me more aware of how I was driving and what would influence the score.

V-Auto by V by Vodafone can also detect if you have a major collision in the UK, sending a message to Vodafone’s team of trained agents who will then ring you to check that you are okay. I love this feature as it means that if the worst happens, someone will be able to find me and request help if needed.

As a busy mum of three, who has lost quite a few brain cells with each child, the last feature is my favourite! V-Auto by V by Vodafone also acts as a car tracking device, telling you where you have left your car when you inevitably forget in a giant car park. Genius!

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