Lockdown: One Year On and How Smart Tech Evolved

It’s been a full year since the first lockdown was announced, and we’ve seen a lot of things change about our lives. From helping us to work and stay at home, smart tech and IoT have come in handy over these past 12 months. 

This past year smart tech has also been essential in helping the healthcare system to fight against COVID-19, like offering us telehealth options to connect with healthcare professionals remotely, help to quickly and efficiently distribute vaccines, and helping doctors make quick decisions about treating patients with real-time AI patient data. 

As well as the fight against COVID-19, smart tech has become a staple in our changing world. It’s helped us stay connected with friends and family, giving us new gadgets to help make shopping easier and living at home more fun. 

Lockdown: One Year On and How Smart Tech Evolved

How Does Smart Tech Keep Us Connected? 

In 2020, our world went from using smart tech to stay in touch with things, to staying in touch with friends and family. Smart assistants like Alexa and Google Nest let us make hands-free calls and texts, tell us jokes and send audio messages to anyone we couldn’t be with in person. 

Our smart assistants can also play music for the popular TikTok or Instagram Reel videos – and the funny dance challenges that have come with them.  Whether you’re a social media creator yourself or just like kicking back to watch, being creative and having fun during the pandemic has got us through some of the tough times. 

Lockdown: One Year On and How Smart Tech Evolved

How Has Smart Tech Helped Us At Home? 

Smart devices have also allowed us to do more from home, like shopping and working. Whether it’s ordering food online or joining contact-free team drinks from your phone there are more ways to stay connected than ever before. This year’s all-virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) debuted a range of smart devices including smart masks, touchless doorbells, and air purifiers designed to keep us safe when out and about. 

Many of us are feeling isolated at home during these strange times and smart wearables, artificial intelligence, mental health apps, e-therapy, and smart security can be incredibly helpful in managing stress and getting mental health support as we start to get back to normal life.

Lockdown: One Year On and How Smart Tech Evolved

How Can Smart Tech Improve Everyday Life? 

We’ve launched two new products this past year to help families feel connected to the things they care about. Curve, the smart GPS tracker and Neo, the Smart Kids Watch. Curve helps you find just about anything like your keys, bag, or furry friend and Neo lets kids stay in touch with parents using calls and chat. Plus, it’s got a camera and activity tracker brought to life by their favourite characters from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel.  

This last year has been the hardest in a generation for everyone around the world. As we face time away from loved ones and months of uncertainty ahead, smart tech keeps us connected to the things that matter and helps make life a little bit easier, and that’s all we need right now. 

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