My most prized possessions, my two handsome hounds

My most prized possessions, my two handsome hounds

*Ad. This post was written in collaboration with Vodafone to promote the launch of ‘V-Pet’, however all views and opinions shared are my own.

Charlie Irons’ fur babies love nothing more than a good explore, but unfortunately this can come with a number of challenges – especially living in a busy city like London.

It was when I started searching for a pet tracker to keep tabs on their little legs that I came across V-Pet by Vodafone.

V-Pet is part of V by Vodafone, a new range of smart devices that let you keep track of the things you care about from your smartphone.

Vodafone kindly sent me the V-Pet to trial and the set-up was really easy. The V-Pet package includes a Vodafone V-Sim, so you just need to download the V by Vodafone App and the Kippy App.

Once set up, your pet’s location will pop up on your mobile – and it’s really impressive that you can keep tabs on them from such a distance.

As well as offering a GPS tracker, V-Pet also allows you to create a ‘safe zone’ by drawing a ‘fence’ around a specific area. If your pet wanders outside your safe zone you’ll receive an alert, which I found really helpful when Dexter and Dickens were let loose in my parents’ large, open garden!

The app also suggests tips on how to improve your pets’ well-being and general health, which is a great bonus.

Overall I was really impressed with Vodafone’s new gadget. So much so, I’m thinking about getting a second for Dickens so both pups are protected!

My most prized possessions, my two handsome hounds

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