How to keep your bags safe when on the move

How to keep your bags safe when on the move

That sinking feeling when you misplace your bag. Panic sets in. Where did you leave it? Where did you last see it? Losing your stuff can ruin your whole day. Especially if it had your passport, purse or your kid’s favourite toy in it.

According to an annual Transport for London report, people lose a lot of stuff on the move.

Between April 2015 and March 2016 we lost;

  • 32,929 mobile phones
  • 11,509 umbrellas
  • 43,277 items of clothing
  • 43,068 bags* 

How can we help you to stop this happening?

1.Take less bags.
If you make an effort to travel around light then there’s less to lose. One of the biggest reasons for items being left behind is simply having too many things and not enough hands.

2. Make family members responsible.
If you’re travelling with kids, then it’s pretty much impossible not to have extra bags. But you can make life easier by getting your kids to carry their own little rucksacks and getting your partner to help.

3. Label and mark everything.
Paper luggage labels can seem old-fashioned, but they are still essential if you want to make sure people know this bag is yours. Another good idea is to tie a brightly coloured ribbon or luggage tag on your bag or case so it’s easy to identify.

4. Invest in a GPS tracker.
Smart technology can help you find your bags if you have accidentally misplaced them or if they are moved from where you left them. Vodafone now offers a great little smart device that clips onto your bag. Curve lets you track your bag’s location via your phone even when you’re not nearby.

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