The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021

Whether you’re shopping for your furry friend or fellow pet owner, add one of these thoughtful gifts to your holiday shopping list. Our ultimate holiday gift guide is jam-packed with tech and accessories perfect for pets.

The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021

Hands-Free Dog Lead


About to head out on a walk but dreading the tug on the lead? Trying to enjoy a coffee, but can’t seem to juggle it with your pup in your other hand? This hands-free lead makes it easy to give them exercise and fresh air without losing control of your phone, keys or hot beverages. It wraps comfortably around your waist and it’s even got a built-in pouch to store walking essentials for you both.

The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021

Dog-Friendly Water Bottle


This dog water bottle seems simple at first, but it’s more than a bottle and bowl for drinking. You can recover unused water your dog leaves behind after it’s finished. Perfect for those longer dog walks where refills are tricky. Plus, it’s leakproof and has a lock function to prevent it from spilling in your bag.

The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021

Curve Pet tracker pack

£20 + Subscription as low as £2 a month (minimum subscription applies) 

GPS track your pet cat or dog with the gadget for off-lead wanderers. Whether you need to keep an eye on them when they’re with a dog walker, or if they run off after a squirrel, Curve has a built-in SIM which, unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, can stay connected to your phone over long distances. This pet GPS tracker lets you watch your dog or cat move in Realtime in the Vodafone Smart App. Plus set up Personalised Zones to alert you when your dog leaves or enters a certain area, with notifications depending on your chosen tracking mode.

The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021

Dexas MudBuster Paw Cleaner


When you get home from your outdoor adventure and want to avoid getting your stubborn pet into the bathtub, try using the Dexas MudBuster. It’s an innovative device shaped like a cup and filled with soft silicone bristles. All you have to do is fill it with water and gently twist the device around your pet’s paws for a quick cleanup. And for those really muddy walks, why not treat your pet to a luxury spa experience with the Kiehls or Aesop pet soap.

The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021

Stylish Dog Bed from

£35 – £269

After a long day out, it’s time to curl up for bedtime. Treat your pet to the bed they deserve, while adding style to match your home’s interior. Made have a fantastic selection of pet beds, from pet furniture (think mini sofas) to classic, plush dog beds that’ll help drift your exhausted friend off to sleep. 

The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide 2021



When you know where they are but can’t be there to show them how much you love them, Furbo has you covered. An interactive smart dog camera which allows you to toss treats and talk to your dog from anywhere in the world. You can reward them for good behaviour or let them know you miss them, as well as let them know when they’re not supposed to be up on the family couch.

With so many incredible gadgets, tools and tech pet gift options, showing them you care has never been easier. Whether you’re giving the gift of free hands, saving water or slashing bathtime in half, these gifts are worthy of man’s best friend. 

Curve Smart GPS Tracker battery life and features dependent on tracking mode. For land based tracking only. Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply. Subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal. See FAQs for more info.
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