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Using Technology To Make Every Day Smarter: Interview with Vodafone’s Product Manager, Glenn Drawbridge

Ever wondered what a Product Manager role involves?

In the third instalment of our “Meet the Team” series, smart technology enthusiast Glenn Drawbridge chats about life as a Product Manager and how V by Vodafone’s new range of IoT devices can make every day smarter…

What is a typical day in the life of a Product Manager at V by Vodafone?

Busy! I work closely with numerous teams, including Marketing, User Experience, Technical, Customer Care and Legal to work out what products are performing well, to analyse the market, and ultimately deliver the best possible range of V by Vodafone products to our customers.

What is the best part of your job?

The ability to create. For me, there’s nothing better than taking a brand new concept and being able to bring it to fruition, as we have done with the new V by Vodafone range. It’s also really rewarding to be able to take an existing method of achieving a goal, break that method down to understand each integral part, and then improve it for the user.

My job is to bring products, services and devices to life – all which have been designed with our customers’ needs in mind – so it’s a fantastic feeling to finally see those products on shop shelves.

How do you think Vodafone is taking the lead in the CIoT market and specifically in your product area?

Lots of technology and consumer research and advisory organisations are predicting the world will have more than ten billion devices connected to the internet in the early 2020s. Vodafone are one of the first telecommunication giants to take the brave step to present the value of the Internet of Things to a wider audience and make those predictions a reality.

We have developed the V by Vodafone range of IoT devices with insights from comprehensive research from more than 15,000 consumers across the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Our customers told us what they care about – and what they worry about – and in line with that, we have developed smart devices to keep their pets, homes, bags, kids and cars connected and safe.

What can look forward to in the future from your team/ in your specific product area? Are there any consumer trends?

We’re currently working on lots of exciting products, designed to make every day smarter and shape our customer’s futures with confidence.

For example, the new V-SOS Band by Vodafone is a wearable IoT wristband, with fall detection, an SOS button and an easy-to-use app. Give it to someone you love, and you will be alerted on your smart phone if the wearer needs help or has fallen over, whether they are out and about, at home, or even in the shower.

In regards to consumer trends, the appeal of voice assistants is continuing to grow in popularity. In the not too distant future, I expect we’ll see consumers using their voice to order groceries, remotely control their homes and even operate their cars. This will ultimately make the consumer’s life easier as they won’t have to go through the trouble of having to learn to use each new technical device, as we have one of the most simple and intuitive methods, a user’s voice!

We’re also seeing a trend in Artificial intelligence (AI) learning from human preference. IoT-connected devices are now being created to learn our preferences based on how we live our daily lives and use technology, so they can in turn perform certain daily tasks for us. This would get rid of all technical admin altogether!

What have you been reading/listening to recently?

I’ve been listening to “How I Built This” by “NPR”. It’s a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements and products they have built. If you’re into product technology – I definitely recommend it!

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Product Manager at V by Vodafone. "My job is to bring products, services and devices to life – all which have been designed with our customers’ needs in mind – so it’s a fantastic feeling to finally see those products on shop shelves."




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