Valentine’s Day Surprise or Engagement Ring Before The Big Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’ve got a special gift or you’re ready to propose to the love of your life. From picking out the perfect gift or the right ring to planning the perfect reveal or proposal, there’s a lot to consider before getting down to business (or on one knee).

If you’re trying to keep the special treat or proposal secret, you want to make sure you hide the item well but stay in touch with its whereabouts, so why not use smart tech to help you out?  Curve helps to give you peace of mind when hiding away your gift or ring using location tracking, GPS, Cellular Wifi, Bluetooth which connects directly to the Vodafone Smart App. 

From choosing the right gift or ring to figuring out where to tuck it away and keeping an eye on your surprise, we’ve got you covered. 

Picking out a Valentine’s Gift

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Picking the Perfect Ring 

One thing you want to make sure is you’re picking out the right size.

Try borrowing one of your partner’s rings that fits a similar-sized finger, ask their friends and family for their help, or compare your own hand size to theirs.

Before picking out the ring make sure you educate yourself on diamond shapes, cut, metal characteristics, and types of settings. Check out your partners existing jewellery and if they have a Pinterest board to make sure you choose something that’s their style. 

It’s also a good idea to get your ring insured like any other piece of valuable jewellery or expensive gift. 

Keeping Your Planned Proposal Secret with Curve 

At 30 grams and easily attachable to any object, Curve Smart GPS Tracker is the perfect size to accompany your engagement ring when you’ve stored it somewhere safe, giving you some additional peace of mind.   

If you’re hiding your engagement ring with Curve in your home, make sure you keep the ring in a box, try camouflage by wrapping in cloth or a bag, store it away from any harmful chemicals, food, or water, and if there are pets or kids around try storing it somewhere they can’t easily get to it. 

A lot of us live with our partners and we’re spending a lot of time at home these days. If you’re worried about your fiance-to-be discovering the ring during an ad-hoc spring clean, so you might also consider storing it in a safe deposit box. 

With Curve, you can set up Zones, or virtual boundaries, so if the tracker is moved outside of the location of your choice, you’ll be notified through the Vodafone Smart App. 

Location, Location, Location (Tracking)

When travel is back on the menu, you might want that destination proposal. Curve is along for the journey with its global network

You can easily have your ring with Curve tucked away in your pocket during a long car ride or while on the train. Once you’ve reached your travel destination, it’s always a good idea to store your valuable items somewhere secure like a safe in your hotel room, or with the concierge.

Once your partner has the ring on their finger it’s important to remember not to wear it in the ocean or a pool as it can slip off or be damaged by chlorine. 

Whether you’re looking to give an exciting gift or propose this Valentine’s Day or sometime soon, Curve is the easy, affordable, and stress-free way to help keep an eye on your special surprise.

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