We met with Esin Sezer, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Vodafone

We met with Esin Sezer, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Vodafone

We met with Esin Sezer, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Vodafone. She shares her top reads and what it’s like to be a pioneer in an ever-changing tech industry.


1. What is a typical day in the life of a Senior Marketing Manager at Vodafone?
When I was moving to this role a year ago, after many years in ‘typical’ marketing roles at Vodafone, I asked the same question to my hiring manager Ralf. There was no product, no clear view on the model and as such, no team. The next thing he said was, “Just get on, it will be amazing!”. It reminded me how Sheryl Sandberg decided to join Google, she said, “If you are offered a seat in a Rocket Ship, don’t ask what seat!”.

After a year, all I can say is it has been amazing. But still there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day in my role. And I love it that way! Today I’m reading customer insights and industry reports to understand what comes next, tomorrow I will meet with sales colleagues in Spain to discuss in store demonstrations and next day I will meet with German colleagues to discuss pricing and business cases.

2. What is the best part of your job?
In marketing the most important thing is the product. V-Home by Vodafone is an amazing product that can address essential needs of consumers e.g. security, life safety, connecting the family, comfort and more.

However, not many people are yet aware that ‘Smart-home’ technology can help and solve their problems today. My role is to understand today’s consumer problems, and work with our teams to build the right set of services tailored to solve those problems, together with an easy user experience for those who may not be very good with technology.

3. How do you think Vodafone is taking the lead in the CIoT market and specifically in your product area?
At a time of growing concerns about the future, it’s important to highlight that technological innovations over the next few years will have a profoundly positive effect.

We have recently repositioned the Vodafone brand on the theme of future optimism. Internet of things for consumers in-home and out-of-home started to transform family lives with industry’s joint commitment including Amazon, Google and Samsung. I think lack of clear and fulfilling propositions have been the biggest challenge so far in the industry. And Vodafone is uniquely positioned as we have a strong understanding of family life and communication preferences of our customers all around the world.

4. What do you think we can look forward to in the future from your team/ in your specific product area? Are there any consumer trends?
We started with Spain and aim to launch V-Home in many more Vodafone markets by end of this year partnering with Samsung. Several markets consistently told us home security is the most important concern families have today – and there are not many options out there. Traditional security solutions are too expensive and take too much effort to install. With V-Home by Vodafone we will help families ‘be at home even when you are not there’ – with an affordable, easy and reliable solution.

5. What have you been reading/listening to recently?
Simon Sinek inspires me a lot with his people oriented interpretation of work-place. I have read all his books and I get his daily ‘Inspirational Notes’. Malcolm Gladwell is another all-time favourite. I like books that makes me question situations with a focus on psychology and people.

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