Where are my Keys? 7 Tips for Finding Lost Keys

You probably know the feeling of going to grab your keys, only to realise they’re not where you thought they were and ending up on a stressful scavenger hunt. If this sounds familiar, here’s what to do when you’ve lost something important, so you can stay calm and start looking with a clear head. 

1. Look in places you’ve lost them before 

If your keys have been misplaced before, jog your memory back to where you found them and try those places again.

2. Search around where they should be 

Have a look in the areas around where your keys should be. If you usually throw them on the kitchen worktop, search the whole area thoroughly. Don’t be tempted to rush and toss things around; you’ll only end up making a mess and making it harder to find what you’re looking for. 

Where are my Keys? 7 Tips for Finding Lost Keys

3. Retrace your steps

Think about the last place you saw them and go back to all the spots you’ve been since. You might even find you dropped your keys as you walk through the house. Curve, the smart GPS tracker, can be used as a key finder to save you the time and stress of searching everywhere. It comes with a handy keyring accessory so you can easily attach it to your keys and other items, and its smart GPS tracking means it doesn’t just use Bluetooth to find your things. There’s a Smart SIM card inside it, which means it can let you know where your keys are even if they’re really far away. 

4. Check sofa cushions

It’s surprising how easily things go missing down the sides of sofa cushions. Have a good rummage between the seats and at the back. If you still have no luck, you can use Curve’s Bluetooth Proximity for a search radius of up to 5m or the Beep to Find feature and make Curve play a sound using the app to pinpoint where your keys are, faster.

Where are my Keys? 7 Tips for Finding Lost Keys

5. Head to lost and found

Someone else may have found your keys, so it’s worth checking the lost and found section of where you’ve left in case they’ve been handed in. If you don’t have any luck, leave your contact details so you can be contacted in case they turn up.

6. Get help

Talk to bystanders and staff at the location you think you’ve lost them. They may have seen your keys or might be able to point you in the right direction. So you don’t panic about losing something outside of your home, Curve uses 4 different tracking technologies; GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth, which means you’ll always have a reliable connection to find what you’re looking for. 

7. Make a note of your belongings before you leave a location 

Having a checklist, even just a mental one, of things you have with you is an effective way of making sure you don’t leave anything behind. ‘Keys, phone, wallet.’

Where are my Keys? 7 Tips for Finding Lost Keys

Ultimately, the best way to stop losing things is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Keep areas clean and tidy will help with better visibility, so you don’t have to forage around in a big mess. Adding a bright keychain to your set of keys will make them more noticeable and help them stand out.

Once you’ve got your prevention systems in place, keeping track of your items will be a breeze. Curve is the ultimate GPS tracker that lets you stay connected with almost anything. 

Think ahead with Curve and have a plan in place to make sure you have peace of mind, knowing your belongings are always easy to find.

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