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Gadgets for Geeks: Holiday Shopping Made Easy

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December 23, 2020 | 5 minutes read time

The number of gadgets has surpassed the number of people in the world. Today, more and more people are starting their morning by asking Alexa for the latest news or Siri to tell them a joke. The Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide range of smart devices are helping us make our homes more intuitive, connected and comfortable to live in. 

This year, why not buy a new bit of tech? Whether you’re looking for a gift for your friends or family, or want to get a treat for yourself, take a look at some of the latest smart gadgets on the market.

Ember Mug

What’s more satisfying than a cup of coffee in the morning? A warm cup of coffee. The Ember mug is a gadget that makes sure your hot drink stays hot. Designed with sleek stainless steel and coated in ceramic for a soft touch, this mug has a long-lasting battery that will keep your favourite drink warm for a long time, or all day when placed on its charging coaster.

It comes with an app too, with options to customise your drinking experience. You can control the temperature, change the LED colour and it includes a collection of recipes for you to try. For those trying to cut down on their caffeine, this smart mug connects to the Apple Health app which helps to monitor your daily caffeine consumption.

Google Nest Hub

In the quest to make our homes smarter and more connected, a smart display gadget takes the centre stage. Google Nest Hub makes the experience more streamlined by connecting to all of your other compatible smart devices and offers a wide range of features to suit you. 

Wake up with a ‘’Hey Google, good morning’’ and the Voice Match system will give you a personalised experience showing you the weather, daily events and important reminders. A smooth voice recognition experience means you can tell your device ‘’Hey Google, play the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix’’ or ‘’Play Harry Styles on Spotify’’ while you’re busy around the house. It’s designed to be your personal assistant, showing you recipes whilst you cook, playing YouTube or becoming a digital photo frame.

Vodafone Curve – the Smart GPS Tracker

This lightweight smart GPS tracker, designed and connected by Vodafone, keeps you in touch with your favourite things. With a battery that lasts up to 7 days and weighing only 30g (as light as a house key), you can attach it to almost anything; from keys and bags to cars and even on your dog’s collar. Curve is also water-resistant up to 1 metre deep for 30 minutes so you don’t need to worry about this gadget getting wet if your pet decides to go for a swim.

Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, Curve has a built-in SIM, which means it can connect to the internet and send updates to your phone, even if you’re far away. The Vodafone Smart App offers a lot of exciting features too. You can watch Curve move in Realtime on a map, see where it’s been in Location History and even create your own Zones to get a notification when Curve enters or leaves an area you choose.

Philips Hue Go

A nice way to bring warmth and ambience to your home is investing in a smart light device. Philips Hue Go is not only smart but also portable which makes it the perfect travel companion gadget. There are two ways to control the light and how bright you want it to be: either remotely through an app or by touching the button on the Hue Go lamp.

Powered by a chargeable internal battery, the lamp will make sure you have a perfect lighting set-up in any of the 16 million colours it can display. The device is supercharged with IFTTT technology (if this, then that) which is a platform offering automations between apps and services. For example: change the light to blue when it starts raining. Blink lights when your timer is off or sync light effects to your favourite music soundtrack.

Among a handful of functionalities, this is a convenient one for all of you who are night owls instead of early risers: Philips Hue Go can slowly increase its brightness in the morning to gently let your body know it’s time to wake up

Amazon Echo Dot

The 4th generation Echo Dot smart speaker comes with a change in shape. Instead of the squashed cylinder, the new one looks like a sphere with one flat side to ensure it’s safely secured on your desk or wall.

The Echo Dot is integrated with Alexa’s speech recognition and comes in three different variations: a standard model, a model with a built-in LED clock and a cute Kids Edition version with a tiger or panda design.

Much more than just a regular speaker, you can enjoy your favourite tunes and podcasts from all the big platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer and even listen to audiobooks from Audible. It’s also easy to set timers, ask questions, create calendar events and reminders to help streamline your everyday life.

There are so many amazing gadgets out there, it’s easy to simplify or enhance someone’s life through the power of smart tech and IoT technology.



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