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Why Does a GPS Tracker Need a SIM Card?

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August 26, 2021 | 3 minutes read time

Every day, thousands of satellites are busy pinpointing exact locations across the world with maximum accuracy. How can we use this technology to enhance our day to day lives?

Enter Smart SIMs for connectivity.


What is a Smart SIM?

If you thought SIMs were just for phones, think again. While different from a phone’s SIM, a Smart SIM is a small chip with big ideas. It’s specially designed to work with smart tech devices, enabling the ability to send and receive updates with other devices and connecting it to the internet.  GPS works by sending signals between devices and satellites. Unlike Bluetooth alone, our Designed & Connected by Vodafone devices such as the Curve Smart GPS Tracker and the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker, use a super-smart combo of GPS, Bluetooth, Cellular and Wi-Fi sniffing to pinpoint the device’s location.

You can track your valuables and have peace of mind when you’re far away. Choosing a GPS tracker with a SIM card means you can stay connected with your things, even when you’re apart.


How does a Smart SIM work in a GPS tracker?

If you purchase Curve, the Smart GPS Tracker, there’s a built-in Smart SIM that’s connected to our global network and is ready to go when you are. Information is delivered to your phone, making staying connected convenient. Simply download the Vodafone Smart App and activate the SIM connectivity plan that works for you.


Why does a GPS tracker need a Smart SIM card?

If your phone is wedged between the car seat or your keys have inexplicably turned up in the fridge, Bluetooth-only trackers are great. But they have a limited range. With a Smart SIM, you get location updates to your smartphone from a distance or when you’re far away.


Which Vodafone devices use the Vodafone Smart SIM?

Curve Smart GPS Tracker – Where your favourite things go, Curve goes too. This handy tracker attaches to almost anything and uses GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular to locate everything from your briefcase to your Golden Retriever. Follow Curve in real-time and give family and friends access using the Quick Alert button.

Curve Bike Light & GPS Tracker – Ride safer and securely with this smart rear brake light. Track the live location, send help alerts to loved ones, and stay visible with 3 light modes. The Vodafone Smart SIM card tracks your saddle time and security mode notifies you when your bike moves without you.


Does the Vodafone Smart SIM work with other devices?

The Vodafone Smart SIM is compatible with a range of smart devices, seamlessly connecting them to the trusted Vodafone network. The SIM works with smart security cameras such as Reolink Go 4G, dash cams, including Thinkware Dash Cam T700 and BlackVue Dash Cam plus a range of vehicle and pet trackers. Check out which devices are compatible here.


How do Vodafone Smart Tech tracking devices work?

Our range of Smart Tech tracking devices are connected to the internet via our Smart SIM card, and thanks to our global network, they work in 90+ countries – the perfect travel companion. They link your smart tech device to your mobile, however far apart you are. If you want to track something further afield, a Smart SIM will keep you connected. 

A Smart SIM is ready for any adventure, big or small. How will you use yours?




Curve Smart GPS Tracker battery life and features dependent on tracking mode. For land based tracking only. Zone notification frequency dependent on tracking mode. Not to be used to track people. Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply. Subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal. See FAQs for more info.

Curve Bike light and GPS Tracker app controlled features and accuracy of location subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal. Not all movements or impacts may be detected and the device is not connected to the brake on the bike and instead detects deceleration, so may not detect all braking occurrences  Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply. See FAQs for more info. Never operate your phone when cycling and continue to use all additional safety measures you would normally take when operating a bike.

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